About Us

As an artist in real life, I have brought my creative spin and knowledge to Second Life in hopes that I might provide visual stimulation, fun and color to all who enjoy it.

I provide the most ideal situation for those of you who look for custom unique and professional work.  This includes graphics, designs and elements that can be used for personal use and just for fun here in Second life.
My vibrant high end photos are seen through out Second Life and are unique to each individual.

I thank you for visiting the studio and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions!

I can provide (but not limited to):

     1. Profile Pictures (in studio or in-world)
     2. Portfolio
     3. Couple, Family, Children & Group Pictures (in studio or in-world)
     4. Adult/Sensual Pictures
     5. Landscapes
     6. Modeling Pictures and Portfolios
     7. Wedding Photography
     8. Custom Framed Slide Shows
     9. Custom Graphic Design/Business & Individual Logo Design/Artwork
      *  (Add What You Want Here)

All photo's include:

1. All portraits are FULL PERM. you buy it you have all the rights with it.
2. No sitting fee. You will only pay the flat rate of the prices written bellow. no additional fees.
3. ALL portraits are professionally enhanced.
4. 50% deposit will be given after the photo shoot the rest is when handling the finished photos. Deposits are non-refundable and if you miss an appointment, we can reschedule.