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 *NEW!* Twisted Fairie Tales Presents: Little Bad Riding Hood:Props built by Virtual Props and Poses. More to come in the series as we progress.

 *NEW!* Anchors Away: Props built by Virtual Props and Poses. More to come in the series as we progress.

Demon Love: Enjoy other creatures of SL, I found not only ~Click~ photography props fun, but extremely versatile in using them.  More to come in this series soon~

Mommy N Me: Classic and classy maternity nudes.

 A Return: A loving gift dedicated to the return of a passion lost and found again.  Poetry and images are all custom.

Weddings: Entire albums from start to finish. From vow's to reception, you will have a momentum to treasure and share with your family.

In World Photos: These photos have very little if any touch up done and catch the essence of what is able to be found in world. From landscapes to personal images, these are challenging and fun.

Studio Shots: Shooting against a green screen, or otherwise shooting in front of a digital background, these give me the ability to give any fantasy image a personal touch. No image background has ever been duplicated.

  • Headshots: Shots for your profile or even for just a friend, this is just one shot of your avatar from chest up.
  • Collages: A collage is a combination of up to 4 different poses giving a multiple view of your avatar. A great way to impress the full effect
  • Couples: Want to have a memory of a loved one or your best friend?  Couple shots are very popular and fun.

Reverse Morphing: The innovator of Reverse Morphing, I have given a new look and dimension to the images and portraits that I have worked with on this.  Morphing is a process in which the face of the avatar is placed on a body of a human picture to give it a more realistic feel. However, be careful, if copyrighted images are being used, there could be unforeseen problems in the future.  However, my process uses only the face placed on teh avatar and blended in to give the face the best dimension and realistic feel without losing the uniqueness and personality of the avatar.

Exotic and Erotic: Couples and singles alike enjoy making the images special and I will make sure that the passion is shown in the work that I do to show the passion in the elements between two people. More revealing images can be seen in world.

Landscape: New club?  New gallery? House you love? Builder?  Want something that will show off your work?  These will show a unique approach to the detail of your build and/or club.

Graphics: Advertising, logos, posters, and even graphics for your website.

 Marketing: Images taken of other's productions in SecondLife for the purpose of resale.