Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lady Astartie

I have had the privilege of meeting some really amazing people in SecondLife and Lady Astartie is no exception.  Her talents and emotion show so deeply in her work that I couldn't help but bring her work into my gallery and give her the challenge of doing a shoot of me for a change.  She readily accepted and to my amazement, her perfection and abilities are astonishing... considering her "abilities" in real life.

In real life she suffers from a debilitating disease. One of which I have seen inflict many who have amazing eyes for art.  One such person who was so inspiring to me was Karen Wheeler but in meeting Astartie in world under different circumstances, I found her just as inspiring as I did Karen.  Each of them over coming some major obstacles in life to produce some amazing and beautiful images that I will cherish for years.

I will be uploading the images that Astartie produced of myself, but I thought I would share the images I did of the beautiful Lady in all her splendor as well.

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