Monday, March 14, 2011

Second Life Creativity

I am always exploring the creativity of others within SecondLife.  There are so many elements in which you can create and yet, there always seems to be a collaboration of efforts.  With builders, most build but use texture artists to help their 'block' become 'buldings' and then in turn, those builders sometimes requires scripts to make their now 'buildings' come to life.

Everyone in SecondLife finds their strength and within that strength is always a hidden gem.  Mykala from Virtual Props and Poses is a favorite gem of mine.  I joined her VIP group long ago and found that not much activity was taking place, but when real life stepped to the side and the muse bit Mykala, she exploded and now, her shops are booming with all types of poses, props and so much more.

Her creativity is limitless and for that, I must thank her.  For many of her props and poses are used in my shots and ultimately, she is the builder behind the artist in Second Life for many of my shots that have been shared between clients and in my coffee table books.

If it weren't for Virtual Props and Poses... I think I would be struggling to get that 'look' that I picture and without that look... well, it just isn't art!

Please, check out her work and visit her site at:

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