Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gallery of Awesome!

In some of my wanderings, I always run across the wonderful avatar of "Artist" running across their heads and I always stop to say hello and ask them for an opportunity to see their work. Francis was no exception. He stood out in the crowd looking a great deal like a very youthful and vivacious "Mad Hatter" from Alice in Wonderland. I couldn't help but invite him back to the studio for a quick photo shoot in which both he and myself went through another Virtual Props and Poses pose set looking for hidden poses.  Mykala has always been known to be right up front but there are times I enjoy her sense of secrecy and it's fun to look at her work...

I digress....

Francis also took me back to his "Gallery of Awesome." A four story glass building that held not only his work, but the work of others from all over the world. A FREE gallery... (boy watch everyone jump on that one!) in which he invites everyone to use to hang their work, and I was flattered when he cleared a wall for me on the 4th floor of the gallery allowing me to hang and sell a few pieces of art. I put in a few of the random frame rotating images but then also put some of my other items up for sale.  I was just honored to have a chance to meet Francis and his quirkiness. I enjoyed his company very much.

Yesterday it was interrupted, but we went bouncing from a few sims that were colorful, bright and most of all great places to go and sit and take pictures all day long at.  I truly enjoyed the idea of going back, including an underwater area that I am REALLY wanting to return to. It had some amazing sea life and hope that I might find a Merman or Mermaid or two to catch on film.

Thanks to my new friend Francis, I have some new areas to explore, and I do hope that my readers will make it to his gallery located here: and make sure you tip the owner so that he may continue to offer this generous service to SL artists.  I am grateful for it as I am sure many will appreciate the art there.

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