Friday, February 17, 2012

New Images...

After some hunting and looking for inspiration I have finally finished my entries for the new Diamonds and Rubies mini-exhibits for the month of February. I have even mixed in a few images from my earlier days... ones I thought might provoke some response.

Diamonds for Valentines Day is the theme... the three entries for that are:

Title: Cupid's Seduction

Title: Ultimate Sacrifice

Title: Exhausted Cupid

For the Rubies exhibition, my submissions are a bit more vast... I ultimately look to find a few pieces that have been favorites from my collection and am using a few of them as well. I mean what photographer doesn't like shooting artistic nudes?

Title: Heat

Title: Legs

Title Pride

Title: Love in the Ying

Title: Cupid's Love

Title: Just a Hat

Send the good vibes my way!

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