Saturday, June 15, 2013

Writing Contest Announced!

Domaine Imperium is holding a BDSM themed short story contest!  We want you to write in with your ORIGINAL, steamy, sexy short story that will swoon anyone's wobbly knees.  There is a 2000 word limit on each entry.  (Plagiarism offenders will be flogged harshly in the courtyard then hastily cast to the abyss)

First place - 2000L
Second place - 750L
Third place - 500L

You can write as many entries as you wish, but only the best entries will be able to place. (No one will be able to win first, second, and third in a sweep of entries).  Judging will be done by a three judge panel based on qualities such as theme, skill, creativity, and enticement.

End date of entries will be June 27th, 2013 3pm SLT, and the reading will be voiced by surprise guest on June 28th 3pm SLT.

For more information or to visit the SIM in world see the information below:

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