Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Unisex/Masculine Jewelry

I have recently placed a new piece that was originally designed with men in mind, but ultimately, I have looked at it and even I would wear this one, so at this point, the item is labeled UNISEX... *giggles* I love that word... means fun for all!

Please take a look and as you all start to notice, the Gallery is morphing a bit, housing both the Tempest Imagery Studio as well as the Design's of Mysteri jewelry and such (upstairs). I will be adding a group joiner for both areas, and as new items arrive you will find that all group members will be seeing the significant discount for all items for the first 48 hours, each item discounted by almost half it's regular price to GROUP MEMBERS ONLY! Once that is done, it is done!

So tell your friends and come see the new pieces here regularly!

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