Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ice Queen December, Judged Best In Theme win

The Diamonds and Rubies as well as the Ice Queen photo contests are slowly coming to a close. Each on of them have found that the contest theories and business models are slowly losing interest and ultimately they are attempting to revamp things to bring in quality photographers and encourage other to perfection.

With that said, this was my first and last entry at the Ice Queen sim and photo contest and was told by the Host, Don (The Ice King) Cheney that the decision to vote me winner of the Best in Theme was overwhelming for me. I about choked on my glass of water when I got this news. I am proud and honored to have been the last judged winner of his endeavor and hope that we all come up with a new way to address photo contests to make them fair and lucrative for all participants.

Ice Queen December 2011 - Best in Judged Winner

The same image took 4th in Judged on the Diamonds contest!

Don't forget, the Diamonds and Rubies sim has gone a new route for their contests this year, and ultimately they have also decided to let them compete for Diamond of the year!  Look forward to seeing what all the photographers produce for these new events.

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