Monday, January 2, 2012

SL Photo Contest Calendar

A brain storm has brought about an idea. One that I know has been tried before, and one that I do not expect miracles from, but one that I do hope helps many people on many levels.

The SL Photo Contest Calendar is a calendar of events held for photographers by anyone... although contests are our main focus at this time, and we are starting slow, our hope is to be able to give photographers as much information about all the photography contests in world so that they can plan to participate in as many as they can.

This also brings the competitive level up on the contests. Most do like the voting game of the voting contests in world, but I have also found that the judged contests and other contests that do not allow you to vote for yourself, also bring a nice competitive edge.  The rules and regulations of all the contest will be posted and hopefully this might also spread the ideas and ways to make things fair and fun between all the hosts of the contests.

For more information, or to find our application, please see our (small) but informative sight at: or come find my profile in world under Mysteri Fallen and join directly. Group participation is free for photographers.

What here and the other website for further information and the announcement of the events!

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